Thane Schulz LMSW, ACHP-SW, CMC

LHCSA Administrator

Thane has been a part of the Allwel family for many years and he loves to help people. He has been hands-on with our clients, guided them through joy and loss, and lifted them out of dependence. After many years of service, he was asked to become a part of the business development team. As a social worker, his mission is to help people and he believes the best way to accomplish that is to make sure there are sustainable agencies to provide the services to help clients and their families reach their goals. He said, “the reason I work for Allwel is because the focus of our care is to keep people in the homes they have built for themselves, and we give an extraordinary experience for our workers to keep them there. And that, I am so proud of. “ Thane says he is eager to share with anyone how to help their loved one, and how to keep them in the home they love.