Case Management

Coordinating resources for the best possible care.

A case manager is the person who ensures that your loved one is connected with and receiving all the services he or she needs.



Whether these services are provided directly by us or from other community providers, the case manager will suggest options for helpful resources and do what is necessary to make them a part of the total care plan. The case manager’s responsibility is to make sure that these services are accomplishing the goals that were agreed upon by the participant, family, and care team, and will make adjustments to address any challenges or changes in needs that may arise. You will work directly with the case manager to identify the services that make sense for your loved one, and to decide who will provide those services and supports.

We are dedicated to keeping your loved one at the center of the care plan. By empowering you to take an active, informed role in that process, you help to preserve your loved one’s goals and independence.