Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

Allwel’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee is dedicated to ensuring that Allwel is an inclusive environment for everybody. The committee looks to highlight and celebrate the diversity within the agency.  The committee works closely with the owners to create a safe environment where our employees’ whole self is honored and recognized for their individuality.

Allwel participates in community events and examines its policies and procedures to ensure they match our values and culture.  Allwel continues to examine how to improve the daily working environment for our employees.  


I Had a Dream Speech 

In celebration and observation of MLK on January 15, the DEI Committee gathered employees dreams: 

  • My dream for the years ahead is to unite all groups of people because we have love for each other, our families, our children to live and be happy without animosity, without violence, without hatred, only love for all people. 
  • I had a dream that we will find unity through love and recognize we are all soulful humans who actually need one another and we are in fact better together. 


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