How Home Care Works

Steps to begin home care services.

Please give us a call. We can answer questions about the services we offer, help you identify and apply for assistance or waiver programs to help pay for services (more on that below), address housing and referrals, and more. Everyone comes to us from different points in the process, so having a conversation about your specific circumstances is always the best way to start. We know this is a difficult choice to make, and it’s important to us that we cover all of your questions and concerns, no matter how big or small.


If you decide that Allwel is the right care provider for you or a loved one, a nurse and scheduling team will follow up with the referring person or agency as well as the participant, when possible, to schedule an initial assessment, develop a schedule, and establish a start of service date.

The nurse will work with medical providers to develop and authorize the plan of care including:

  • Aide plan of care
  • Specialized care due to chronic disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s / dementia, or behavioral challenges
  • Diet considerations
  • All medications and their times to be taken
  • Any allergies
  • Other care specific comments and notations
  • DNR / advance directives

First Day of Service

  • Family, scheduling team, and nursing team verify the opening date of service.
  • Nurse makes available and reviews with the loved one and family the plan of care (POC), staff schedule, and agency contact sheet in the loved one’s home.
  • Nurse orients the Aide staff to the plan of care and supervises the staff in the completion of care tasks.
  • Nurse ensures that all medications are in adequate supply as well as reviews safety items or challenges in the home.
  • Nurse reviews the backup and emergency plans

Ongoing Care

  • Plans of care are reviewed regularly at nursing team meetings.
  • Care schedule can be adjusted as needed by the family/loved one.
  • Nurse supervises Aide staff and your loved one’s care needs as necessary, including any increased supervisory visits due to hospital care or change in health status, as reported by the aides, family, or the person receiving the care.
  • Nurse works with physician and insurance companies to ensure re-authorization of services or any necessary increases/decreased in hours due to changes in health status or family support availability.

Additional resources include:

Steps to Receiving Medicaid Waiver Services

  1. When Allwel receives a referral from a family, human services organizations, another Waiver Provider Agency, Managed Care Organization, or other source, Allwel will work with the referral agent to answer any questions regarding the referral process and assist in establishing contact with the local Regional Resource Development Center (RRDC).
  2. The RRDC will meet with the Waiver Applicant (and family) and if appropriate for Waiver services, the RRDC will assist the Waiver Applicant in identifying the Waiver Provider agencies in the area from which to choose from and interview for services.
  3. The applicant interviews and chooses a provider agency for Service Coordination (in order to begin) and calls that agency to schedule a time to meet and select a Service Coordinator.
  4. When Allwel is chosen as the agency to provide Service Coordination, we will schedule an initial nursing assessment (if applicable) and begin the development of an Initial Service Plan (the document that requests and authorizes Waiver services).
  5. Initial Service Plan development includes Service Coordinator interviews with the Participant, family supports and any facility personnel, as well as works with these individuals to obtain the necessary medical and demographic paperwork needed.
  6. Upon the completion and RRDC approval of the Initial Service Plan, Allwel will develop a schedule of services with the Waiver Participant and family and begin services on the selected date.