We believe in a collaborative care approach to provide the best possible care for our participants and their loved ones. When we receive reviews of Allwel and our employees it helps us to know the approach is working.


“I would say David and Van are my favorites. They treat me like a friend, not like a patient or a client… with Van, all you have to say is ‘I’d really like to see that movie,’ and off we go…they would take me to see my sister or my grandchildren… I have absolutely no idea where I’d be without you.”



“Until Allwel came along, at age of 30, I was told to just treat things like there’s nothing wrong. Allwel gave me realistic goals, and staff were really on top of it…”



“You helped me find a real nice apartment and helped me get my budget together, and everything else I have to do.”



“Allwel has a warm caring team which has created a pleasant professional work environment to achieve our goals as a health care provider.”



“All the staff has been polite and respectful. That’s how it’s supposed to be.” 



“To whom it may concern:

Putting a parent in a nursery home is one of the hardest decisions for one to make. My 88 year old mother fell at home and broke her hip. She was doing much better after her surgery, but sadly a few days before she was about to come home, she fell again and broke her other hip. This led her to having a second surgery in less than a month. She had a very hard time in physical therapy, and could barely walk anymore. This is when my siblings and I knew we would have to make a decision on what to do with our mother. All seven of us got together several times to discuss what we should do, but all that came out was tears.

Someone recommended a place called Allwel and told me that they would come to do home care. The person I talked to was extremely helpful as he went over everything with us, and more importantly he never pressured us. He was very honest and just wanted us to make the right decision for our mother. After talking to this very nice gentlemen, we decided to bring our mother home and had it all set up with Allwel to come to my mother’s house for home care. But, once again we were not 100 % sure, and eventually made our final decision on sending her to a nursing home, because we were concerned about taking care of her at nighttime.

I called Allwel to let them know that we changed our decision, and also to thank them for all of their help. The gentlemen that I had been dealing with was so understanding and compassionate, as if it was his own mother.

I would recommend Allwel to anyone, because they made me comfortable through this whole process, and told me right from the start that they just want my family and I to make the right decision for our mother. Coming to the decision of placing my mother in the nursery home was not easy, and came with many tears and many prayers. I am so thankful to God that I heard about Allwel, because they helped my family and I to make the best decision for my mother, which was the ultimate goal.”