Priya Pinto, PhD, CRC


Priya, one of the owners of Allwel, has had extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities, including individuals with developmental disabilities and brain injury. Priya started in the field as a vocational evaluator, but that opportunity opened the door to several others, resulting in a broad based experience that included case management for multiple client needs, assisting clients with setting and achieving personal and vocational goals, offering support and resources to help obtain and retain employment in the community, and behavioral assessment along with positive, proactive behavior support and management. Priya’s area of specialty is a broad understanding of behavior, what causes and sustains both desirable and undesirable behavior, and her knowledge and expertise of those principles as they apply to the population of individuals with brain injury, and other disabling conditions.

As President and owner, Priya admits that the favorite part of her role is the creativity that can be employed in solving work problems, using a mutual vision and value system that herself and her partner, Chris Brown-Hall, use as their guide for decision making. Through it all, Priya has a dual commitment: the first is to the right of an individual with a disability or who needs assistance at home to choose and to be integrated in the community, and to be respected as a unique individual with a unique perspective. The other equally important part is the provision of a workplace that is comfortable and respectful, where individuals can use their talents to flourish and grow and, where they can achieve recognition and value.